Celebrating the Diversity of Our Central Coast Terroir

Each wine is a truly unique expression of the place where the grapes were grown.

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Handmade, Thoughtful, Small Batch Wines.

We pay attention to the little things. We invite the eclectic. Making small batch wines allows us to take the utmost care while overseeing the development of each grape varietal. We constantly strive for perfection in all we do; a concept that is never quite attainable, yet always deserves our foremost efforts. 

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From an Eclectic Patchwork of Vineyards.

Hailing from some of California’s best vineyards from the Edna Valley to Monterey County, we try to keep things close to home to maintain our hands-on approach. But we don’t always follow the rules; if we find high-quality grapes, we might reach a little further to get them.

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You Bring the Individuality, We’ll Bring the Wine.

We make wine to enjoy and to share as a Ragtag bunch. Just as we are better off as a whole because of our individual differences, we create standalone wines with depth and personality. Wines crafted to be shared with your eclectic group of friends and family. This is our promise.

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Less is More Winemaking

The goal is to get as many things right as possible in the vineyard. We strive to do only what is necessary to improve a wine’s quality during winemaking.

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From the Land

We source from nearby vineyards, most of which are in San Luis Obispo County. This accessibility is key, as it allows us to be more diligent during growing and harvest seasons.

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A Brother & Sister Led Team

In 2016, a dream was born. A sister and her younger brother, Sarah & Jeff, committed to creating a winery that represented their absolute best efforts. The goal was not just to create a winery, but to do something meaningful.

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Jeff Huskey


Jeff began his career in the local San Luis Obispo wine industry in 2008. He graduated from Cal Poly with a bachelor’s degree in Wine and Viticulture, concentrating in Enology, in 2011. He has always found great satisfaction in creating something with his bare hands that he can be proud to call his own.

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Sarah Brewer


As an entrepreneur and owner of multiple SLO-based businesses & winery muse, Sarah had the inspiration to create a winery and was the conceptual architect of Ragtag. Sarah envisioned the concept and put the pieces together. She saw the serendipitous chance to pair her creative flair and business savvy with her younger brother’s winemaking talent as simply meant to be and made it all happen.